Social Engineering & Social Architecture a World Changer Paradigm

Social Engineering & Social Architecture a World Changer Paradigm

This paper is meant to grant you a key to the understanding of what lays beneath the unicorns[1] we have seen in our time. These unicorns may have reached success by mere chance or not; we might never really know. However, if anyone of them possesses the keys to success, they surely have guarded it under seven locks so that they can take full advantage of this knowledge without tipping others. Examples of these unicorns are companies such as those that allow you to drive people to their destination without having a specific licence and making use of your spare time. Another example would be the company that allows you to rent your spare room at home; this company has defied the rule games of touristic accommodation. Another company has managed to engage people and prompt them to take personal photos and post them for the world to see them; again a disruptive game changer. We could also analyse the market places based on e-commerce that defy entire retail chains. The future which lays in front of us is full of unicorns mainly because of the tremendous disruption that the new technologies are currently provoking in almost all industries and sectors: Internet, BlockChain, Smart Contracts and so on[2]. Those mastering this unique key will come across many opportunities. So let us dive into describing, understanding and unveiling the secret.


Any system of human beings can be viewed as a group or a team. Every group can be viewed as the group of dreams of its members. And in the end each dream translates into a set of interests that are pursuing that dream. The origin of a dream is hard to discover. In my view all dreams are given by some force outside of myself. Obviously, the origin of dreams may merit another book to be written, it is not the intention to unveil that here. Based on my experience, I believe that dreams are given or influenced by your family, your education, your friends, your beliefs and so on.

Thus, any system or group of people is in the end a set of dreams and the interests that pursue it.


Every system has an infrastructure which may be visible or not, concrete or abstract, but infrastructure in the end. When unveiling the secret key, we find that every system has a Social Architecture under which lays a specific Social Engineering. Both of them in turn determine a specific Social Order. The interaction of the members within the system determines the Social Order of the system. However, that Social Order can be guided and lead by rewarding some specific interests and actions and by ruling out other ones. If positive interests are fostered and unproductive ones are penalized, this promotes a virtuous circle. Otherwise the outcome is a vicious circle. Thus, virtues or defects are in the end amplified, enhancing the fairness and trustworthiness of the Social Order or otherwise the unfairness and deceitfulness of the system.


All systems have a Social Order and thus a Social Architecture and Engineering. Even the messiest of all systems has an established order that can be graded as zero order or complete disorder.

Then, Social Order can be noted in a range that goes from degree zero of order to degree one hundred[3].


It is important to remark that order does not necessarily imply fairness. A system could have the highest degree of order but be graded zero in fairness. That would be the case of a mean but disciplined and ordered system of which examples abounded in World War II.


Then, systems can be graded by level of order and by degree of fairness.

Obviously this paper is written with the clear aim of fostering the development of Social Orders that are just, that search for the truth, and that aim for the true well-being of the people.


In a nutshell, the fairness and degree of order of a system depends on the Engineer and the Social Engineering he is able to come up with, the Architect and the Social Architecture which he manages to develop. And finally it depends on the Social Order attained by the influence and alignment of incentives and interests of the members of the system.

It is important to remark that the type of heart that beats in the Engineer and in the Architect will determine the level of order and most importantly the fairness of the system. A fair heart will aim to develop a fair system.


I will define Social Engineering as the engineering of the foundations and internal structure of a Social System; Social Architecture as the architecture or external structure of a Social System; and finally, Social Order as the order that results from all the previously described concepts and that is revealed by human interactions.


To illustrate this new paradigm let us dive into an example: Imagine a problem you find in common daily life, a problem you deeply desire to solve for yourself and maybe for many others.

Now let us apply this framework. Imagine that there is a way to cooperate with millions of people around the globe to solve your problem, a problem they might also face. Imagine that they share your dream or at least your interest to solve that problem or issue that you have just set your eyes on.

Now imagine which are the dreams or interests of your global team, and imagine how you can lead them into teaming up by fostering cooperation instead of fierce competition.

The idea is for you to lead skilled and talented people in a common and coordinated effort, aligning their interests because you are able to set the correct set of incentives which promotes certain actions and disincentives those that do not help your team reach the targeted solution. Add to this the ability to join forces and that your worldwide skilled team does not demand wages or holidays or anything else. It sounds like a dream.

Then, you have to start imagining how you would get to design a system that allows you to deploy incentives in order to align interests of your global team so as to attain the vision of solving the problem.

In an iteration process you will be able, on the one hand, to rule out obstacles and undesired behaviours and, on the other hand, foster and prompt behaviours that are beneficial for attaining the target or fulfilling the vision or dream.

You have used your social intelligence to develop a particular Social Engineering and a Social Architecture and with both of them you have attained a Social Order.

If deep in your heart you desire was to bless others, specially the community or team that joined you in the quest, the project you have just thought through has greater chances of becoming a success and may be part of your legacy.

If your heart’s desire was selfish, sooner or later another better intentioned and more generous project will take over whatever you were able to create.


In a nutshell, the Social Order is a function of the Social Engineering and the Social Architecture.

Social Order = f (social engineering, social architecture)


Where the Social Engineering is a function of the Engineer and his heart, his dreams and intentions.

Social Engineering= f (engineer);


And the Social Architecture is a function of the Engineer, the resulting Social Engineering and the Architect and his heart, his dreams and intentions.

Social Architecture = f (engineer, social engineering, architect);


Finally, the Social Order is a function of the Engineer, the resulting Social Engineering, the Architect, the resulting Social Architect, the intended order and the intended vision or dream that results from the interaction of the dreams and the hearts of the Engineer and the Architect.

Social Order = f (engineer, social engineering, architect, social architecture, vision);


In a nutshell, SE * SA = SO. In which SE stands for Social Engineering; SA for Social Architecture and SO for Social Order. It is as simple and at the same time as complex as that set of equations. It should be remarked that this framework can disrupt almost any discipline or science such as industries or financial services, or sports or international trade and for sure society and the way it adds value while working as a worldwide team.


Of course, deploying incentives in order to foster desired actions is a challenging art to say the least. The designer of this system has to have a deep understanding of the dreams of people, and an even deeper understanding of how those dreams are translated into interests. If you are able to understand the inner workings in a person that is pursuing a particular dream, then you may have a chance of designing a system where that person will be eager to add value while pursuing his own dream. It is easier than you may think, it requires a deep introspection and the ability of studying yourself and understanding how this would work for yourself. Then, if you develop a Social Engineering, a Social Architecture, a Social Order and a system which you will be happy to join, there is a greater chance that others like you will gladly join you.


Education at large currently prepares people to perform as employees in a production line. Some private institutions have already understood that education has to be suited for our time where start-ups do not grow at parents’ garages but on social channels and virtual meetings across continents. Social Engineering and Social Architecture are concepts that are set to become a matter of research due to the fact that a deep understanding of them will create greater value and will be highly beneficial for society at large. Many of the last unicorns are explained by these two concepts, and many more will be after them.

In further writings and research, case studies will be depicted, studying through the lenses of this framework the latest unicorns and describing the development process of some future unicorns currently under construction.


Hope to meet you out there, while turning the world upside down. Just be sure your heart desires a greater good for all of us. And recall that it is always better to give than to receive.



Marcos!, 27th February 2018                   

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[1] Unicorn is a startup company valued at over $1 billion. In this paper, unicorn will include tech based companies valued over $1 billion.

[2] Internet is an old technology. BlockChain and Smart Contracts and even Smart Assets are new technologies that were possible once Internet got a massive adoption. The latter technologies are set to turn the world upside down as analysed in the article “Le voyage” or “Monopoly & the BlockChain”. In a nutshell, financial systems are receiving a huge impact, and once you change the economic system everything starts changing. Furthermore, Businesses and Registration processes are set to change for ever.

[3] It may be useful to be able to express levels or degrees of order from zero to one hundred because it is easy to think in terms of percentages.

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