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Ladies and Gentlemen today is Consensus day.

What is Consensus? For sure it is a valid question.

It is one of the most important conferences in the Crypto world or in the world of Bitcoin and Altcoins. This is the fourth edition.

It is a mayor conference due to a number of factors, among others due to the networking enabled, due to the opportunity to brainstorm or exchange ideas with top practitioners and experts in the BlockChain industry. However, above all that it is high impact conference because many projects at a startup level of development are clearly explained by their founders or by the developing team. Explanations do not dig deeper than the respective whitepaper, but only few take time to read the whitepaper of each project before investing.

The following chart shows some interesting metrics related to Consensus. The rise in assistants is clear. However, much interesting are the metrics related to price evolution of Bitcoin and Altcoins. There is a rise in price of cryptocurrencies during the conference and furthermore after it.

Increments in Altcoins are even higher. In my view, the conference gives a face and a voice to unknown projects for the Crypto world.

And once projects are understood, many under a rational perspective decide to invest in them. Maybe this is the reason behind the substantial rise in prices.

It is important to remark that not all Altcoins rise, some of them rise and they rise the mean of prices for all the market. This means we still have the responsibility to choose which project we deem serious for the medium and long term, even with a capitalization strategy in exponential rises before going under a natural correction phase.


The following chart that lists the order of presentations of Altcoins and their projects in the conference may be of strategic value. Opening seems to be led by an unknown Altcoin but related to a really interesting project with big investors backing up the project: RCN.

It is crucial to sense if the general public understands the project and if they deem it is the worth the investment. And so on for each of the listed Altcoins.

For those invested, hope you enjoy a jolly good rise in prices.

For those who are onlookers, hope you enjoy watching us surf the waves … those that rise us up and also those that make us take a dive … in the end: no risk, no gain.


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Marcos !
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