Market Alert – SEC’s verdict on ETH

SEC’s verdict on ETH

By Marcos!,, May 8th 2018

In these days the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is trying to decide if it considers ETH a security. There is some fear in the crypto community regarding this decision. If it is considered a security, apparently it can only be traded on registered exchanges within the U.S.

On the other hand, developers are more concerned with scaling.

However, market psychology should not be disregarded. If fear starts a mayor sell-off, it would be better to have accounted for that scenario.

Some sources are claiming the SEC will have a benign view on ETH, mainly taking into account the huge vested interest and the ETH alliance. Nonetheless, it is hard to make the guess on how all will be played.

That said, remained tuned for further news, reach out and keep an eye on the markets’ reaction to the SEC decision. Those holding a speculative position, beware of huge losses or be quick to capitalize huge gains. For all of us, this is just a heads up.

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