Le Voyage

Le voyage

Marcos!, marcos@social-blockchain.org, February 19th 2018

Let us dream a dream.

You and I are sailing in the deep blue ocean. It is a wonderful sunny day. We are fishing. In the morning we saw some whales and by noon a group of dolphins. We are looking for a nice spot to go diving, expecting to meet some interesting fish, hopefully none shark-like.

Suddenly, in the horizon we spot something that looks like an island …

-Oh wait! It is not an island; it is an Iceberg! And it has something written on it. Pass me the binoculars …

-Strange … what does that mean? B?   T?   C? It makes no sense. Never mind, we all know the tip is the least important part of the iceberg due to two factors:

On the one hand, it is the part of the iceberg exposed to harshest external factors like the sun, the wind, the rain. Furthermore, it is almost surely the first thing to melt down.

On the other hand, from iceberg history we all know that what matters is what you will find beneath in the deep waters.

So, let us jump and dive into these intriguing waters. Let us see if we found wonderful fishes and maybe discover if this is a small, medium or huge iceberg.


Splash …

Splash …

There we go  …


It is huge, how could we have missed it? And look! The fish are unicorn-like fish, one in a kind, colourful, joyful, agile, swift.


Let me see … again we find strange inscriptions on the iceberg:

It says:

B … C … a smaller D


S … C …

Is this real or is it just a dream? … can it be possible?



Knock knock …


Back to reality, let us interpret the dream:

BCD stands for Decentralized BlockChain. This is a technology that is set to change the world impacting on a wide range of industries mainly the financial ones, and once you affect the economic system you are about to turn some things upside down. BCD in a nutshell implies one of the best technologies for registration. A natural issue to register is economic transactions, but it should never be limited to such a small portion of life itself.


SC stands for Smart Contracts; and these in turn imply Business. Automated Contracts, coded in an “If this then that” fashion, could rule out the need for lawyers and judges in business, or at least partially. This implies no need for meeting for the signature of an international deal, or for the transfer of a property right.


Finally, BTC is the tip of the iceberg subjected to the harshest conditions. It is particularly the target for many governments around the globe that fear losing their power on masses, by the self-given right to print money. BTC in the world of fund managers should be a bad word, like the ones that would provoke a good mouth wash when pronounced near our mums. BTC usually attracts gamblers that most of the times lose everything.

Thus, let us rejoice on what is really huge … on what is beneath the surface and that is set to turn the world upside down.


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Marcos !
Marcos !
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